Exactly like a spider, SpiderByte is build over the lightest and strongest net, to provide the stability of a modern, green crypto-currency. People are naturally afraid of spiders, as they are of crypto-currency, but they shouldn't be. Once you get to know them, you'll see their amazing purpose.

And SpiderByte, has an amazing purpose too. PALADIN Software Development Pty. Ltd. has announced that SpiderByte shall be used to notarize certificates and other documents for their upcoming A2BInvest.cn web platform, where buyers and brokers can find investment opportunities (M&A) in China.

SpiderByte max supply is 4 million coins, and the management team of PALADIN Software Development Pty. Ltd. will make sure this limit will never be increased.

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Staking active on Web Wallet!

Open an account now on our Web Wallet, and start earning interests with weekly payouts, immediately spendable.

We're strong believers in "not your key, not your coins" motto, so we're working to allow the user to opt-in for the staking or not. Those who decide to have their private keys, cannot benefit from the staking, but they fully own their keys.

Start trading SpiderByte now on: Xeggex LTC, Xeggex USDT, StakeCube BTC, StakeCube USDT, StakeCube SCC, StakeCube DOGE, Frei, Bisq P2P.

Liquidity pools: Xeggex LTC LP, Xeggex USDT LP, Xeggex EVOX LP, Xeggex BNB LP.

(it still appears as Litecoin Plus / LCP on Frei and Bisq)

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16,700 USD

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It began as Scrypt PoS 221,400 coins and 15% Annual Stake, and its name was LitecoinPlus (LCP). It has not started via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It was originally written as Proof of Stake coin exercise. "Proof of stake" (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus.

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Proof of Work

Proof of Work was added back in 2018 with a block reward starting at 2 LCP and reducing by .25 LCP every 200,000 blocks until it reached .5 LCP. It is now controlled dynamically, and reward is reduced every so often to avoid creating all remaining coins too early. Also the PoS % is controlled dynamically.

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Paladin 51

With introduction of PALADIN-51 system in early 2020, several blockchain parameters may be adjusted dynamically, by community vote, to sustain even more the growth of Litecoin Plus. This is to reduce the number of mandatory software upgrades.

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Forever home

On April 22nd, 2022, PALADIN Software Development Pte. Ltd. was officially established. The coin is ongoing re-branding into SpiderByte. The company is incorporated in Singapore, and is devoted to develop and support SpiderByte for life !

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Green Algorithm

SpiderByte uses an advanced green algorithm called "Proof of Stake" which is not computing intensive. This will ensure SpiderByte's future as a powerful next generation commodity.

More Informations


  • Algo: Scrypt Proof of Stake
  • Transaction time: 30 seconds
  • Supply: 4,000,000 coins
  • RPC Port: 44350
  • P2P Port: 44351
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POS Informations

  • Interest rate (variable, annually)
  • Minimum age (6 hours)
  • Maximum age (30 days)
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